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At St Barnabas we follow the National Curriculum (2014). Information about the content of the National Curriculum can be found in the Parents Guide to the National Curriculum.

Children usually have a daily Maths and English lesson and skills/knowledge learned in these lessons are also applied and practiced in other areas of the curriculum.With the exception of PE and often RE, most of the other subjects are taught through topics as we believe that this helps to interest and engage children in their learning. Not all subjects are taught through these topics each term. For example, the topic may have a history focus in one term, meaning that very little science is covered. However, the next topic may have a science focus. Each term, the class teacher sends out a newsletter with information about the main areas of learning that will be taking place and other reminders.

KIRFS: These Key Instant Recall Facts are number facts that children are expected to know at the different stages of their learning. This knowledge will enable children to access the wider maths curriculum e.g to be able to add and subtract 2 digit numbers, it is essential to know number facts to 10 and 20. Children will be working on these at school but we ask that they practice them at home so that they can recall them quickly.

These class newsletters / learning overviews can be viewed below: 

Autumn Term 2020-21

Nyong’o Class Autumn term Learning Overview 2020

Attenborough Class Autumn Term Learning Overview 2020

Johnson Class Autumn Term Learning Overview 2020

Farah Class Autumn Term Learning Overview 2020

Kahlo Class Autumn Term Learning Overview 2020

Sentamu Class Autumn Term Learning Overview Autumn 2020

Spring Term 2019-20

Simmonds Spring Term 1 Overview

Simmonds Spring Term 2 Overview

Malala Spring Term Overview

Luther-King Spring Term Overview

Shakespeare Spring Term Overview

Anderson Spring Term overview

Y6 SATs presentation to parents Jan 2020

Autumn Term 2019-20

Simmonds Autumn 2019 Learning Overview

Malala Autumn Term 2019 Learning Overview

Edison Autumn Term 2019 Learning Oveview

Luther-King Autumn Term 2019 Learning Overview

Shakespeare Autumn Term 2019 Learning Overview

Anderson Autumn Term 2019 Learning Overview

Y3 Maths KIRFS Autumn

Y4 Maths KIRFS Autumn

Y5 Maths KIRFS Autumn

Y6 Maths KIRFS Autumn



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