We, the Governors of St Barnabas CE Primary School, are actively involved in the life and work of the school. We support the activities which are happening at St Barnabas as well as providing challenge to enable the school to move forward; recognising achievements and evaluating progress.

The role of the governing body is to help the school provide the best possible education for all of our pupils, and to ensure the school meets all its statutory obligations.

The Governing Body at St Barnabas is made up of: three foundation (church) governors; three parent governors; one local authority governor; one staff governor; five co-opted governors and the Headteacher. If you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact school.

Mrs Anne Williamson – Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor &  SEND Link Governor

Mrs Lorna Longman – Co-opted Governor – Vice Chair of Governors

Mr Jo Patton – Co-opted Governor 

Mr John Halsall – Co-opted Governor

Mr Maguire Agnew – Co-opted Governor

Mrs Katharine Harbord – Parent Governor

Ms Lindsay Graystone  – Staff Governor 

Mr Dan Wilkinson  – Foundation Governor 

Rev Paul Millard – Foundation Governor ex-officio

Miss Karen Boardman – Headteacher

Vacancy- Parent Governor x2

Vacancy – Co-opted Governor x 1

Vacancy – LA Governor x1

Being a Parent Governor

Click here to find out more about the role of a Parent Governor

Governor Monitoring

Governors carry out a range of activities to enable them to have a good understanding of how the school is progressing and to ensure that the school meets it’s statutory obligations.

All governors are encouraged to attend the annual ‘Monitoring Morning or Afternoon’. During this visit, governors have the opportunity to spend time in lessons and talk to pupils about different aspects of school for example behaviour and learning.

Governors have specific ‘link roles’ linked to subjects (e.g. Maths, English) or area (e.g. Safeguarding, SEN) . These governors meet with the relevant member of staff leading this area several times each year. They discuss plans and developments in these specific areas. Governors may also inspect documents such as health and safety checks and reports.

In addition, each year group  has a link governor. This governor visits the class and discusses progress and specific strategies that are in place to support learning with the class teacher and teaching assistant.

Attendance at Meetings 2020-21

Attendance Register 2020-21

Governor’s Minutes

2021-22 Full Governing Body Meetings

2021-09-29 APPROVED St Barnabas FINAL FGB minutes

2020-21 Full Governing Body Meetings

2021-07-14 APPROVED St Barnabas FINAL FGB minutes

2021-04-28 APPROVED St Barnabas FINAL FGB minutes

2021-03-24 APPROVED St Barnabas FINAL FGB minutes

2021-01-27 APPROVED St Barnabas FINAL FGB minutes

2020-12-09 APPROVED St Barnabas FINAL FGB minutes

Curriculum Committee

2021-06-22 APPROVED St Barnabas Curriculum FINAL Minutes

2021-03-09 APPROVED St Barnabas Curriculum FINAL Minutes

2020-11-10 APPROVED St Barnabas Teaching and Learning FINAL Minutes

Resources Management Committee

2021-04-21 APPROVED FINAL Resources Committee minutes

2021-03-17 APPROVED FINAL Resources Committee minutes

2020-11-18 APPROVED FINAL Resources Committee minutes



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