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As a Church of England school, Christian values influence the daily life of the whole school. Although we support children to develop an understanding of a range of values, we have chosen several values that we think are important for our school. These are community, friendship, forgiveness, truth, thankfulness and courage

Children learn about the Bible stories associated with these values and are encouraged to ‘live out’ these values through their day to day actions. 

Each half term we choose one Christian value to be a focus. These include our school specific values along with other ones. This value is the focus for collective worship and a reflection area and san diego english college are helped to identify and share examples of when they have shown this value in their day to day actions. We encourage families to think about this value through our home-school value sheets. Children who bring in an example of something they have done at home relating to this value are awarded a special certificate.

Our value for the Autumn Term 2018 is Thankfulness

Thankfulness Home School Value Sheet p1

Thankfulness Home School Value sheet p2

Our value for the Summer Term is Justice

Justice Home-School Value Sheet p1

Justice Home-School Value Sheet p2

Our value for the Spring Term 2018 is Respect

Respect Home-School Value Sheet

Our value for Autumn Half Term 2 2017 is Compassion

Click below to see the home-school value sheet

Compassion Home-School Value Sheet 

Our value for Autumn Half Term 1 2017 is Generosity

Click below to see the home-school value sheets

Generosity Home-School Sheet p1

Generosity Home-School Sheet p2

Our value for Spring Half Term 2 2017 is Forgiveness.

Click below to see the home school value sheets. 

    Forgiveness Home-School Sheet p1 Forgiveness Home-School Sheet p2

We will also be learning about Lent and Easter – forgiveness is a key message of this time. 

The Church of England website has some family friendly information, activities and resources about Lent and Easter that you may like to explore together.

During Lent, Christians often try to do something special or different to help others and be closer to God. The calendar below has some good ideas for a simple activity each day that the whole family can do. Lent Calendar

Our value for Spring Half Term 1 2017 is Perseverance.

Click below to see the home school value sheet.

Perseverance Home School Sheet 1Perseverance Home School Sheet 2

Well done to all those children who brought in examples of how they had put this value into action at home, by persevering to make some beautiful mosaic pictures. You can see these below.

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