Maths is usually taught as a daily lesson and pupils have opportunities to apply their maths skills and knowledge in other  curriculum areas. We follow the Maths National Curriculum 2014

We have recently updated our Calculations Policy which shows the progression through addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through school. 



These are Key Instant Recall Facts are number facts that children are expected to know at the different stages of their learning. This knowledge will enable children to access the wider maths curriculum e.g to be able to add and subtract 2 digit numbers, it is essential to know number facts to 10 and 20. Children will be working on these at school but we ask that they practice them at home so that they can recall them quickly. 

Click below for the full set of Key Stage 2 KIRFS (all year groups and terms) 

Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS) for KS2

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